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About the Artist

“Through my art I can express thoughts and feelings in a more visceral way. It captures a moment and a mood in a way that, for me, nothing else can.”


Christina Tedesco's inspiration stems from observing the world around her, whether it's  from color combinations, nature's rhythm, frequencies or vibrations. The most mundane settings can have elements that catch her eye. Sometimes it’s a strong feeling that must be expressed or an elusive idea she is chasing, but once the idea moves into three dimensions, something grander takes shape, often even surprising her. Other times, like any artist, she says, “I struggle, reworking and fussing, trying to force an idea that refuses to cooperate. With these, I save the hidden gems for another piece and begin again."

Christina works with a combination of liquid acrylic inks and washes, inked lines using quill pens and occasionally some collage, perhaps a photo or leaves that usually fade back behind the inspiration they spawned, providing texture. Most of her work begins with an anchoring line to provide structure. Whether the work begins with a line, an image or a wash, she finds a rhythm, alternating washes, inks, line work, sanding, adding more paint for depth. The movement of water (and her washes) often provides inspiration, inviting her into the piece as she and it become co-creators.

Christina Tedesco’s path to abstract art began with an innate ability for portraits and realism at a young age, nurtured and honed by various teachers over the years, enhanced by a BA in Art History from University of Southern California. Classically trained, she worked realistically for the first handful of years of her art career. On a lark, 22 years ago, she set out to recreate an abstract painting she had seen in a magazine to decorate bedroom wall. Hours later, not realizing she had changed course, she stepped back from the canvas to find she had birthed something wholly new, something wholly hers that she created from within. That Zen-like session with paint flowing and ideas emerging opened the door to her passion for abstract art.

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